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Pharmaceutical Liability

Pharmaceutical Liability Attorneys At Bailey & Partners

Millions of people across the country rely on prescription drugs to treat illness and disease. Although many of these drugs are successful in treating a variety of health problems, not all pharmaceuticals are safe. Many drugs have recently been recalled by the manufacturer or warnings issued concerning possible dangerous side effects. Some of these drugs have caused serious injury, and even death. If you or a loved one has experienced any serious side effects from taking prescription or non-prescription drugs, you should call a pharmaceutical negligence attorney after seeking medical attention. At the Law Offices of Bailey & Partners, our experienced pharmaceutical products liability attorneys will seek to hold the parties responsible for your injury accountable. Depending upon your case, we can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

The Cause of Pharmaceutical Injury

Consumers trust drug manufacturers to produce safe and effective pharmaceuticals to treat a multitude of health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, weight control, depression, and many other medical con

Unfortunately, many drug companies put profits ahead of patients. The pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable sector in the United States, topping the annual Fortune 500 ranking of American industries. To maintain this profit, some companies are hesitant to recall dangerous drugs and others put new drugs on the market without sufficient research on their safety. In a few instances, pharmaceutical companies have knowingly concealed information from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the health care community about safety issues with their products. At the Law Offices of Bailey & Partners, we aggressively fight for the rights of those injured from pharmaceutical company negligence.

Products Liability Lawsuits

Pharmaceutical companies have the responsibility to produce safe products for consumer use. If you or a loved one has been injured by the use of an unsafe drug, you have the right to recover damages under California law. Depending upon the circumstances, a lawsuit is usually filed under one of the following legal theories:

  • Negligence:A person or company is liable for your injuries if they were negligent in causing the harm. This liability can be based on a careless action (or a failure to act) as compared to how a reasonable person or company would act in the same situation. For example, a pharmaceutical company may be negligent if it failed to perform adequate safety research before putting a new drug on the market.
  • Strict liability: The theory of strict liability does not require fault on behalf of the drug company and the plaintiff does not have to show negligence. Under these laws, the drug manufacturer is liable if there was a defect in the design, manufacture, or labeling of a product and such defect caused an injury.

Recoverable Damages

In a products liability lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company, recoverable damages may include any of the following:

  • past, present and future medical expenses
  • lost wages, both past and future
  • pain and suffering loss of consortium (a claim filed by the victim’s spouse for loss of affection and marital relations)
  • wrongful death compensation where the drug caused a fatal reaction

California Pharmaceutical Products Liability Attorney

A products liability action against a pharmaceutical company can be very complex and expensive. Large drug manufacturers are powerful and well financed. It is therefore important to retain an experienced pharmaceutical products liability attorney. At the Law Offices of Bailey & Partners, our pharmaceutical negligence attorneys have the experience and skill to successfully handle these types of complicated cases. Drug manufacturers have a moral and legal responsibility to provide safe pharmaceuticals to the public, and Bailey & Partners will seek to hold them responsible if you are injured by their negligence. Call us today for a free case evaluation.