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Southern California has Many Personal Injury and Business Litigation Attorneys

Southern California is the home to tens of millions of people. Each year, many of those people are injured in car accidents, truck collisions, aviation accidents, and slip and fall mishaps. As a result of this concentration of people and their chances of sustaining injury, thousands of personal injury attorneys practice in the southland. Few of those attorneys have the experience of Bailey & Partners.

We have handled massive personal injury and wrongful death cases that require extreme attention to detail, unshakable calm under pressure, and a deep commitment to winning. We have also handled high dollar litigation cases especially in the realm of aviation business and wrongful death related to aircraft crashes. There are few law firms with our particular combination of skills. If you want sophisticated attorneys on your side who have a proven record of success, call 310.392.5000 for a free consultation. When you choose us, you will have access to

  • A Los Angeles aviation accident lawyers with more than 25 years of legal experience serving clients in Los Angeles, throughout the nation and across the globe
  • The legal experts, accident scene investigators, medical professionals and other specialists you need on your side
  • A law firm that has relationships with the best doctors and physical therapists in the United States for your referral
  • A support team that includes the most impressive legal professionals
  • Lawyers experienced in numerous multimillion dollar cases   

We are prepared for any personal injury case that you and your family may be facing. We also have a legacy of success in complex business litigation and insurance bad faith cases. You may be especially interested in Bailey & Partners if your legal challenges involve the aviation industry: we are the law firm of choice for many clients who have suffered or grieved through a wrongful death as the result of a plane crash or helicopter accident.

Contact us so that we can help you receive the compensation that you may need for lost wages, medical bills, physical therapy, reconstructive surgery and the emotional devastation you may be experiencing. We will be tireless in our efforts to hold accountable those responsible for your suffering.

Large Corporations and Insurance Companies may refuse to Pay Compensation

If you have been injured in an aviation accident, car accident or truck accident, or you are the victim of pharmaceutical negligence, you may have to fight to get compensation.  The insurance companies and other large organizations have determined lawyers on their side to resist paying your compensation or admitting that they were at fault. We will use all of our experience and considerable resources to hold them responsible. Call us at 310.392.5000 for a free consultation.

Insurance companies and large corporations may aggressively resist compensating you. For more than 25 years Bailey & Partners have been countering their strategies for the benefit of our clients. We will use proven legal dedication that will be adapted to your best interests. If a trial is necessary, you will have tenacious and skilled Los Angeles aviation attorney on your side. We have helped countless people just like you recover what they deserve through trial and, often, even before a trial became necessary. To have Southern California attorneys who have deep experience, sophisticated skills, and vast resources on your side, call Santa Monica personal injury attorneys. Your first consultation is free: 310.392.5000.

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