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Have you suffered an injury? Contact the experienced personal injury attorneys of Bailey & Partners.

The personal injury lawyers at Bailey & Partners have over 30 years of experience and proven success in personal injury lawsuits helped obtain over 100 million dollars in settlements.  Bailey & Partners knows how to fight for your success. That’s what we do.

Whether it’s an auto or bicycle accident injury, a brain injury, or some other bodily injury, Bailey & Partners knows how to fight for you so you can get the compensation you deserve.  Our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at Bailey & Partners have received many awards, including “Best Car Accident Lawyers in Santa Monica,” “Top 100 National Trial Lawyers,” “Top 10 National Aviation Lawyers,” and more.

When you suffer a personal injury, your life can get turned upside down, and when that happens, you need someone who knows how to go the distance for you.  That’s what our personal injury attorneys have done for decades.  While our personal injury law firm, Bailey & Partners, is located in Los Angeles, we serve clients all over the nation.  We commit to fighting for you!

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

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A personal injury claim will often involve different types of injuries:

  • physical pain
  • emotional distress
  • loss of mobility
  • loss of income
  • loss of happiness
  • financial loss due to property damage

How does Bailey & Partners handle Personal Injury Claims?

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Here’s who it works:  When you get hurt in an accident such as a car crash or airplane crash or in another incident that causes you harm, you need help from a personal injury law firm that knows how to move fast to help you get the justice you deserve for your pain, suffering and loss of income. Our attorneys will help you pinpoint who should be named a defendant in your case. In some situations, it is not always obvious who should be named a Defendant, and many times, with some investigation, more than one person can be named as a Defendant and held accountable for your injuries.

A serious personal injury claim is serious business.  You need a law firm that knows where to focus its attention and act quickly. That’s what we do…because that’s what you need. There is always a time limitation for when you can file a claim against the person who caused your injury, and you don’t want to miss that deadline. Our attorneys will help you calculate the statute of limitations so you file timely.

What is the Goal of a Personal Injury Claim?

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Our target is a financial solution for you.  We accomplish that by putting over 30+ years of legal experience in the personal injury field to work on your case.  Our most important goal is to get you the compensation and relief you need!

With all of that confronting you – you need a personal injury law firm that understands what causes of action you can claim for your injury and how to prove them. The personal injury attorneys at Bailey & Partners have fought the fight for 30 years, and we know how to fight for you.   

The attorneys at Bailey & Partners have been representing clients in Los Angeles and around the nation who have personal injury claims from many different types of accidents. From a slip and fall, to dog bites to catastrophic airplane accidents, we have a wide range of experience.

What Steps Should You Take to Help Your Personal Injury Case?

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There are steps that you can do right away to help build a successful personal injury case. A few of those steps are outlined below. If you have any questions, we recommend you contact us right away for a free consultation.

  1. After receiving emergency or necessary medical treatment, seek legal advice and protection.  With Bailey & Partners, you will have a team of attorneys with years of proven success by your side.

  2. Gather and preserve evidence:  With your attorney’s assistance, this includes identities of all parties, witnesses, accident scene photos such as vehicular damage; and identification of any potential defendants.  

  3. After you select your treating doctor(s), Bailey & Partners will help you plan, strategize and pursue your case.  This will include Bailey & Partners’ experience and knowledge including:
    • Nature and extent of your specific personal injuries, both physically and psychologically.
    • Making sure you have a detailed medical treatment plan for all of the trauma that you are suffering and/or will likely suffer in the future.
    • After you have medically stabilized, Bailey & Partners will put  together a “protection plan” to make sure that all of your injuries and damages are clearly identified in order to achieve your medical and legal goals.  Many times, we will work with a life care planner who will help assess any future needs you may have.

  4. Keep handwritten notes under the title ofATTORNEY/CLIENT PRIVILEGE” that detail your recollection of the accident and the struggles that you are going through in order to successfully enter into “The New Normal”.

  5. Don’t talk with any Insurance Company Representatives without your attorney present or on the telephone with you. The attorneys at Bailey & Partners have worked with and against insurance companies for decades and will guide you through all the legal channels to make sure that your case is not compromised. 
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Bailey & Partners has served its clients in Los Angeles, across the United States and Internationally for more than 30 years, navigating and untangling the complexity of personal injury claims. Our clients have recovered millions of dollars in compensation due to the reckless behavior and unsafe conditions of others.

No matter the challenges or complexities of your case, Bailey & Partners is prepared.

Insurance companies may refuse to compensate you. Government organizations may deny responsibility to you for unsafe conditions. Private corporations may fight you every step of the way when you seek proper compensation and justice for your injuries. But one thing stands in their way: Bailey & Partners.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury, contact Bailey & Partners for a free consultation. Our personal injury attorneys stand ready to support you.

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