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Holiday Warning! Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Can Kill You!

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Unfortunately, every winter holiday, Bailey & Partners gets urgent calls for brain injury cases caused by exposure to Carbon Monoxide (“CO”), often called Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  Most CO victims are either killed or brain injured right in their own apartments or homes. Why? Because of faulty in‑home gas appliances that haven’t been properly maintained. Sadder still is the fact that these brain injuries or death could have been eliminated by a simple, inexpensive CO detector inside the apartment or home. 

If it surprises you that Bailey & Partners gets these brain injury and or death cases every year, it shouldn’t. Here’s what you need to know about Carbon Monoxide.

Sources of Carbon Monoxide

Woman cooking on gas stove.

CO can be found in many common items – even many common household items. Examples include:

  • gasoline‑fueled motor vehicles
  • gas stoves
  • gas ranges
  • hot water heaters
  • apartment/home heating systems

When these sources are not functioning properly, the CO emissions can cause brain damage or death.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Woman with headache and head in hands

The most common symptoms of CO poisoning are

  • headaches
  • weakness
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • mental confusion

Exposure to CO inhalation can also result in loss of consciousness followed by death.

What to do if You Think You’ve Been Exposed to CO

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If you or a loved one has been exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning, get to fresh air immediately! Go to an emergency room and advise the doctor of your exposure.  A blood test completed soon after exposure can diagnose carbon monoxide poisoning.

Precautions to Limit Your Exposure to CO

Man fixing gas stovetop

If you live in an apartment, the landlord or owner of the premises must provide a “safe and habitable” living space as a matter of law. If you’re a homeowner, make sure you have a professional inspect your gas appliances and heating system to be certain that it is functioning safely.

If you’re planning a road trip this holiday season make certain that you carry along a Portable CO Detector for those hotels and motels you may stay at along your way. These travelling, handheld CO Detectors include battery operated and plug-in units and are easily available through Amazon and other suppliers.  

First responder with person on stretcher

Remember, CO doesn’t care who it injures or who it kills. Make sure your home heating system and gas appliances are operating safely. Carbon monoxide only needs to attack one time in order to change your life forever.

If you or someone you know is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoningcontact Bailey & Partners for a free consultation. Our carbon monoxide poisoning attorneys stand ready to support you.

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Attorney Patrick Bailey Discusses Brain Injury Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Attorney Patrick Bailey discusses brain injury due to carbon monoxide poisoning

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