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Catastrophic Torts

Tirelessly pursuing damages for catastrophic claims

If you’ve suffered injuries in any kind of catastrophic transportation mishap, the personal injury attorneys at LA’s Bailey & Partners — and our expert witnesses, support staff and independent investigators — are ready to help you pursue damages.

Our experience with major accidents involving public transportation entities, common carriers, and huge private corporations gives us the tools to analyze, investigate, and litigate cases that involve the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Railroad Administration and other federal and state regulators. We know how to navigate the bureaucracies involved and defend our clients’ best interests against even the most heavily funded corporations.

Our attorneys bring more than 30 years of experience to catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases in Los Angeles, throughout the United States, and across the globe. We’re prepared to use that experience and all of our vast resources for you in any of the following types of catastrophic cases:

Vehicle and bike accidents
An auto crash or bicycle accident may have been the result of forces out of your control; for example, an irresponsible fellow driver, a poorly manufactured vehicle, or a poorly maintained road. But the personal injury lawyers at Los Angeles’s Bailey & Partners know how to pursue everyone who bears responsibility.
If an illegal act contributed to your trauma, we may be able to obtain punitive damages and discourage the negligent person’s dangerous behavior in the future. But the pain and suffering you and your family are going through after a vehicle or bike accident may not be the only impact the accident has on your well-being. If an accident forces you to make radical alterations to your life, we know how to pursue maximum compensation so you can have:

  • Access to the most advanced and comfortable long-term care facilities, with round-the-clock medical attention if necessary
  • Opportunities to re-design your home and vehicles so they are wheelchair-accessible
  • Specialists and therapists who can aid your recovery
  • Specialized surgeons and medical professionals to provide you the best care available

We have relationships with medical experts who can analyze your injuries, as well as automotive engineers and accident scene investigators who can testify on your behalf. Our resources are vast, and our legal skill is substantial. You only pay us if we get compensation for you; no matter how much time your case takes, and no matter the resources we invest, if we do not win your case, we collect nothing.

Commercial truck accidents

Commercial vehicles are often large, road-dominating behemoths that present situations ripe for a catastrophic incident. Even when the negligence involved in a commercial truck accident seems obvious — a drunk truck driver or a trucker who makes an illegal lane change, for instance — we still take a closer look to explore all possible sources of compensation. Our team will bring in trusted experts and experienced investigators to help us pursue the reasons for your injuries. Some possible reasons include:

  • Maintenance of the truck was not performed appropriately: Many truckers defer maintenance to stay on schedule. This can lead to serious injuries or even wrongful death. The individual trucker may be liable, but the company that employs the driver may have also put undue pressure on them to perform.
  • Poorly secured load:After a vehicle crash involving a semitruck, the semi’s payload may be scattered across the highway. Our skilled investigators can meticulously study the evidence and determine if the truck’s cargo was secured according to safety standards.
  • Defects:The company that built the truck or certain components on the vehicle may be partly or entirely liable for your injuries. Our expert witnesses can find the truth. Furthermore, your own vehicle may have played a part in your misfortune. If a vehicle manufacturer is accountable, we will pursue justice against them.
  • Unsafe road conditions:It may be that a construction zone on a freeway or street was not appropriately marked, poor lighting made the road unsafe, or a pothole caused a vehicle to react unpredictably. Roads must be properly maintained for the safety of the public. If they are not, someone or some organization may be responsible.

With accidents that involve commercial vehicles, insurance companies often deny or minimize your claims. Our law firm will work diligently to get you the settlement that you deserve. As needed, we’ll obtain relevant truck records, study a vehicle’s maintenance history, and analyze the mechanics of the vehicles involved, leaving no evidence unexamined. We will dig far beneath the surface to encourage the insurance company and commercial truck company to settle with you. If they do not, we will use our long-honed skills in the courtroom to your advantage.

Railroad accidents

Train accidents often involve massive property damage, catastrophic injuries, and incredible legal complexity. Wrongful death is often the result when a train derails or otherwise causes a tragedy. The massive locomotive itself can cause extensive damage, but that’s not the only risk; trains also carry toxic, flammable, or otherwise hazardous materials. Local, state and federal authorities may all be involved in a train-related mishap, and huge insurance companies are likely to have a vested interest. The attorneys for the railroad company, the company that maintains the rails, and the companies that are responsible for labeling and shipping the materials may all have lawyers well-prepared to defend their own best interests. You deserve an attorney who will protect yours.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a railroad accident, the lawyers of Bailey & Partners have the resources and the experience to help. Whether an accident involves mass transit, aviation, or rail, the bureaucracy and regulations governing these common carriers can be a challenge except to the most seasoned attorneys, like the ones at Bailey & Partners. Whether you were a passenger on a train that experienced a catastrophe or you were simply near a train when disaster struck, our attorneys are prepared to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.

For more information about what our experienced attorneys can do to help you, call us at 1.800.973.2263 or send us an e-mail.