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Sexual Abuse

Compassionate and committed attorneys for a sexual abuse or harassment case

Sexual abuse and harassment are often about much more than just the person who actually perpetrated the horrific act. Although the person or people who are directly responsible for these acts should be held responsible and punished accordingly, the authorities who allowed the abuse or harassment to take place may also be culpable. Recent news events, including the #MeToo movement and the sexual abuse scandal at Michigan State University, have put these issues under society’s magnifying glass.

All the individuals responsible for you and your family’s suffering after sexual abuse or harassment must be held accountable. Why was that teacher allowed to interact with children? Why didn’t anyone recognize warning signs in that coach’s behavior? Why did human resources not take action when employees reported the boss’s inappropriate comments? Why did the diocese overlook that priest’s past actions? Yes, individuals are responsible for the suffering that they cause, but often, a systemic problem exists in organizations. These organizations must change the way they operate.

The sexual abuse and sexual harassment attorneys at Bailey & Partners serve the Los Angeles area and the nation with an informed and relentless pursuit of justice in these cases. We want to help you and your family obtain financial compensation for short- and long-term injuries. But we have another goal as well: We want to keep these types of abuses from befalling other people and families.

Sending a clear message
There is no easy answer to solving the plague of child molestation, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment in the United States. But one possible avenue to combat it is litigation. Perhaps with legal action, these incidents will become less prevalent. The emotional and physical pain from sexual abuse may be long-lasting. No amount of legal action will erase that truth. But attorneys skilled in sexual abuse and harassment cases can help you send a message: this behavior will not go unpunished.

Bailey & Partners was founded to handle the highest-stakes, highest-complexity, and highest-difficulty cases. Sexual abuse and harassment cases often turn out to be these types of cases. Organizations may fight aggressively to deny wrongdoing; there may be emotional pain and conflict permeating such cases; and witness testimony and evidence may be challenging to compile. We are well-equipped to address all of these challenges.

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