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Trucking Accidents Lawyer – Los Angeles

Commercial trucking vehicles are often large, road-dominating trucks that present situations ripe for a catastrophic accident. They are often called semi-trucks or big rigs.

Big Rig Trucks on Highway

You need a dedicated, knowledgeable trucking accident attorney to make sure your case is being handled properly.

Even when the fault of the driver in the commercial trucking accident seems obvious, for example if a truck driver is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if a trucker makes an illegal lane change, your trucking accident attorneys need to take a closer look at the facts and explore all possible sources of compensation. Your team at Bailey & Partners will bring in trusted experts and experienced investigators to help you determine who is responsible for your injuries.

Possible causes for trucking accidents and resulting damages

Some possible causes for the trucking accident and resulting damages include:

  • Maintenance on the truck was not performed appropriately:Many truckers wait to have maintenance done on their trucks so they can stay on schedule. Delaying important repairs such as fixing brakes, replacing steering mechanisms and replacing headlights and taillights, can lead to serious injuries or even wrongful death. The individual trucker may be liable, but the company that employs the driver may also be liable if they own the truck or if they put undue pressure on the truck driver to perform.
  • Poorly secured load: After a vehicle crash involving a semitruck, the semi’s payload may be scattered across the highway. Our skilled investigators can meticulously study the evidence and determine if the truck’s cargo was secured according to safety standards.
  • Defects: The company that built the truck or certain components on the vehicle may be partly or entirely liable for your injuries. Our expert witnesses can investigate the crash and analyze the data to determine the cause of the crash
  • Unsafe road conditions: It may be that a construction zone on a freeway or street was not appropriately marked, or poor lighting made the road unsafe, or a pothole caused a vehicle to move unpredictably. Roads must be properly maintained for the safety of the public. If they are not, someone or some organization may be responsible.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck with broken windshield

Accidents involving commercial trucks can be catastrophic. You need a trucking accident law firm to help navigate the issues. Usually the driver or the owner of a semi-truck or a big-rig will have insurance. When an insurance company gets involved, they will often deny or minimize your claims. The insurance company does not want to write a blank check, they want to write a check for as little money as possible. That is their job. Bailey & Partners, as your Los Angeles trucking accident attorneys, will work diligently to get you the verdict or the settlement you deserve.

Bailey & Partners takes its job seriously. The firm will obtain relevant truck records, study a vehicle’s maintenance history, and analyze the mechanics of the vehicles involved, leaving no evidence unexamined. The attorneys at Bailey & Partners will dig far beneath the surface to make a strong case for you, and to make sure the parties at fault are held accountable including the insurance companies. We work with experienced investigators and experts to make sure you are protected. As trucking accident lawyers making sure you are compensated for your injuries is what we do. We take it very seriously.

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