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Helicopter Accidents Lawyer – Los Angeles

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Helicopter accident and crash cases can be complex whether they happen on an airport runway or on a wooded mountain or in a body of water. Not all helicopters are the same and each helicopter presents its own defects and operational hazards.

Helicopter exploding in flight

What caused the helicopter crash?

Some of the factors that need to be examined are:

  1. Type and age of helicopter
  2. Accident history
  3. Pilot experience in make and model of helicopter
  4. Weather conditions
  5. Maintenance history
  6. Operating terrain
  7. Weight and balance
  8. Type of accident
    • pilot error?
    • power line strike?
    • product failure?
    • maintenance failure?
    • fuel contamination?
    • air traffic control error?

Because Bailey & Partners are experienced helicopter accident lawyers, it knows the questions to ask, and which investigators and experts to use for accident reconstruction.

Helicopter Crash Litigation Requires Extensive Knowledge And Legal Skill

When Bailey & Partners conducts its investigation, it compiles evidence, interviews witnesses, conducts test flights and accident reconstruction to develop a winning approach. As experienced helicopter crash attorneys, the firm, with its 25 years of experience, leaves no stone unturned in its investigation. Bailey & Partners understands the failures and injuries that are most common and brings professional expert witnesses into the loop to benefit your case. As helicopter crash lawyers, Bailey & Partners has developed relationships with expert medical professionals to assist in your recovery and testify to your long-term health needs. We have been retained by individuals, corporations as well as several celebrities over the years who have been involved in helicopter crashes, because of our ability to review, analyze and assess the technical data and then use that information to obtain a result to properly compensate you. That is what experienced helicopter crash attorneys do.

The Injuries From A Helicopter Crash May Be Devastating

EMS doing CPR on child

We know that your suffering may be long and difficult, potentially including:

  1. Broken bones,
  2. Serious disfigurement,
  3. Excruciating pain,
  4. Brain injury,
  5. Spinal cord injury,
  6. Paraplegia or quadriplegia,
  7. Severe burns and/or,
  8. Other catastrophic losses.

The attorneys at Bailey & Partners are the Los Angeles helicopter crash lawyers you need. We have decades of experience in helicopter accidents, and we are dedicated to helping you get through your accident crisis. Whether you are a helicopter pilot, a passenger, a patient on an EMS helicopter or if you were injured on the ground during a helicopter crash, we are ready to help you recover the financial compensation that you deserve. You may require long-term physical therapy, reconstructive surgery, mental health counseling, and compensation for lost career opportunities. We are prepared to use all of our resources to help you achieve your goals.

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