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Drones and Space Law

Drones: It's Only A Matter of Time

Drones: It’s Only A Matter of Time

Drones and Space Law

Seeking Justice in the Air and in Space Across the Globe & Beyond

Integrating drones and spacecraft into the existing airspace structure, and regulatory framework is a work in progress.  There have already been at least two drone/aircraft midair collisions. Bailey & Partners is actively involved in shaping both drones and space law by working directly with political action committees, notably the American Association of Justice’s.

We are relentless advocates for making insurance a requirement for drone operators, as well as requiring operators to use mode C transponders and communicate via radio when flying their drones in and around congested air space.  Regarding space law, we support the elimination of the limitation of liability clause as it applies to personal injury and wrongful death in current and proposed federal statutes.  Unfortunately, drone-aircraft mid‑air collisions will occur with increasing frequency; and such collisions could endanger anyone using general or commercial aviation.  Additionally, spacecraft will also be exposed to sharing the airspace with drones in the Earth’s atmosphere, which could cause personal injury, wrongful death, and destruction of property.

Bailey & Partners is strategically postured to handle drone‑related catastrophes in the “wild west” that is the present. Our goal is to get you justice in the air and in space.  Contact Us or call us at 1.800.973.2263 to schedule a free consultation.

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