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Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer – Los Angeles

Pursuing insurers who are behaving badly

In times of crisis, many people turn to their insurance company and expect the insurer to honor their policy. Many claimants in Los Angeles, however, find that their insurance company is not supportive and seems determined not to pay on a claim. If your insurance company is not fulfilling their responsibilities, this may be unethical as well as illegal. When insurance bad faith occurs, you must have a skilled legal ally on your side. The attorneys at Bailey & Partners know how to take on insurance companies acting in bad faith, expose them for what they are, and win big for the policyholders who fell victim to their actions.

Types of bad-faith activity
Massive insurance companies often put their own profits before the rights of the people they insure. In some cases, they undervalue the claim or offer a low-ball settlement. They may argue that certain damages weren’t covered, or even cancel a policy without justification. They may also continuously delay their investigation into a claim and never respond to their policyholders’ inquiries. If a liability claim is brought against you after an accident, they may also fail to defend your assets.

Battling their worst tactics
Insurance companies have rehearsed and refined tactics to intimidate and confuse claimants. These massive corporations count on their policyholders giving up. Don’t do it.

Bailey & Partners knows how to challenge insurers’ tactics and represent your interests. You may have massive medical bills. Your property may be badly damaged or completely destroyed. Insurance fraud, breach of contract, and bad faith may only add to your challenges. With Bailey & Partners in your corner, you can challenge an insurer’s bad-faith practices and pursue the compensation to which you are entitled.

We handle many types of insurance bad-faith cases, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Life
  • Automobile
  • Aviation

We may be able to help you no matter how complex your circumstances or how difficult the insurance company is being. Contact us here or call us at 800-973-2263 if you have had a claim denied or delayed, or if your insurance company is not adequately defending you from a lawsuit.