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The Two Things You Absolutely Need to Prove to Win Your Personal Injury Claim

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To succeed in a personal injury claim, you need to prove two things: Liability and Damages

You must prove Liability to win your personal injury case

Liability means you need to prove that somebody did something wrong that caused you to suffer damages. The key here is – what was the wrong that caused you to suffer damages? For example, in a car accident:

  • Did the other car run a stop sign or a red light?
  • Were they speeding?
  • Did they crash into you when you were stopped?
  • Did they make a reckless U-turn or lane change?

Your attorney must be able to prove that what the negligent driver did – or didn’t do – caused your accident. 

You must prove Damages to win your personal injury case

Car on fire in road

After your attorney proves why and how the negligent driver caused your accident, your attorney must also prove the amount of money damages you have already suffered and – the amount of money damages you will – more than likely – suffer in the future – as a result of the damages caused by the negligent driver.

On the subject of Damages you may have suffered, the following are typical types of damages you may be able to prove:

  • The amount of money damages you have incurred for your personal injuriesincluding medical bills for the pain and psychological distress – that you have already suffered.
  • The physical and psychological damages that – more likely than not, you will continue to suffer – as a result of the accident.
  • The property damages to your car or truck and the resulting diminution in value.
  • Your current and estimated future loss of income for not being able to work at your job as you did before the accident.
  • The medical bills that – according to a medical expert -will be reasonably necessary for your future care and treatment.

If the above is likely in play in your accident, contact Bailey & Partners to learn more about what you can do to help your future look brighter.

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