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Aviation Business Litigation

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If the maintenance or upgrade on your aircraft hasn’t gone the way it should have, or if a purchase or rental has gone awry, Bailey & Partners can help you. We’ve been one of the best business litigation law firms in the Los Angeles area for three decades, handling all types of aviation business cases.

For example, we’ve pursued recovery for aircraft owners who fall victim to “failed interior completions.” Those cases arise after an owner takes an aircraft in for an extensive redesign to the interior passenger space (and typically an exterior paint job or touch-up). When things go wrong during an interior completion, the aircraft owner – whether they have a small six-passenger aircraft or a Boeing 747 – may have to pursue damages in court. Reasons for a failed interior completion include:

  • Late redelivery: If an interior redesign is late, an aircraft owner who can’t deliver a redesigned aircraft to a renter on the promised date will likely have to pay for a chartered jet to bridge the gap until the aircraft’s actual delivery date. Not delivering an aircraft on time and having to pony up for that temporary aircraft — known as a “supplemental lift,” can cost an owner hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Damage: Physical damage inflicted on the aircraft during an interior redesign can easily diminish the value of the aircraft.
  • Overweight: An interior completion may result in the empty aircraft weighing more than it did prior to the redesign. If so, this can be a serious problem; an aircraft with a higher “empty weight” will be forced to carry less fuel in order to meet weight requirements. Less fuel means less operating range for the aircraft — and if more fuel stops are required, an owner can be penalized as a result. A heavier aircraft also may not be able to carry the same number of passengers for certain distances, which can also negatively impact the aircraft’s value.

Bailey & Partners has litigated and won these types of business litigation cases. If you believe you’re entitled to damages over an aircraft business transaction, contact us today for a free consultation.