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Airplane Accident Lawyer – Los Angeles

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How Often Do Airplane Accidents Happen?

Airplane accidents happen every day in many different ways and places. Whether it’s a commercial airplane crash or a small private airplane, aviation crashes continue to happen and when they do, lives are changed forever.  That’s when families need someone who can help them deal with the life changing tragedy of an aviation disaster.

Surviving Family Members of Airplane Crashes are Victims Also

Surviving family members are actually victims themselves without being on-board the tragic crash.   After the crash, surviving family members are forced to grieve and figure out how they’re going to survive – emotionally and financially.   History has proven they can’t do it alone.  Surviving family members need an aviation accident attorney who can guide them through the legal process to get the financial damages they are entitled to receive.  Airplane crash attorneys are a necessity.

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What is an Airplane Accident Attorney?

Aviation attorneys, or airplane accident attorneys, know how and where to get financial damages for the family.  No matter what the circumstances or location, an airplane crash attorney is a necessity for the family.

Why Hire an Airplane Accident Attorney?

Even though airplane travel is one of the safest forms of transportation, airplane accidents do happen – and when they do – families need the guidance of an experienced airplane accident attorney.  Getting the right amount of money damages for family victims is the most important reason for having an experienced airplane attorney on your side.  Technology in commercial airplanes and private jets has come a long way in the past 20 years which is why there are aviation attorneys who specialize in helping families recover from the disaster of an air crash.

Because of the constantly changing airplane regulations, and there is also a need for experienced airplane attorneys to help families get the damages they need to survive.  The general aviation community in the United States is the largest and most diverse in the world. It is reported there are more than 220,000 aircraft including such things as jets, home built aircraft, balloons, turbine powered airplanes, rotor craft and float planes. (source:

You Need an Airplane Accident Attorney to Prove Your Case

When an airplane crashes, many people may automatically blame the pilot or a company which  has worked on the airplane, but finding out what caused the crash can be very complicated and the stakes are high. If you have survived an airplane accident, have been involved in an airplane incident or if you are suffering as the result of a wrongful death in your family — whether as a passenger, pilot, or bystander on the ground — you may be facing long-term health care needs, emotional trauma and financial challenges that an experienced airplane crash lawyer understands and is trained to handle. Aviation personal injury cases are among the most challenging types of litigation, in part because of the required plane crash knowledge and experience. There are not many airplane crash attorneys who have the necessary experience or knowledge to handle these types of cases properly.

An Experienced Airplane Accident Attorney Knows how to Fight the Insurance Companies

Typically, when a plane crashes, an insurance company will be involved because either the pilot, the person who owns the plane, or the person who did repairs on the airplane will have an insurance policy. However, insurance companies typically want to settle for little money. They often want to delay any payment to the family. When an airplane crashes, you need an experienced airplane crash lawyer who knows how to get you the money you need and deserve. The insurance company’s job is to keep the money they pay out to a minimum. That is their goal, they are not on your side when it comes to compensating you for your injuries. As Los Angeles aviation accident lawyers, Bailey & Partners has worked to get the insurance companies to pay what is due to the injured parties and their families.

Bailey & Partners is an Airplane Accident Law Firm That Gets Results

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Airplane crashes usually have tragic consequences: wrongful deaths or catastrophic, life-altering injuries such as burns, traumatic brain injury, disfigurations or death. With knowledge and years of experience Los Angeles airplane accident attorney Patrick Bailey — himself an aircraft pilot — has won numerous multi-million-dollar plane crash cases including a recent settlement of over $17 million settlement for an airplane crash victim’s family. The nationally known aviation firm Bailey & Partners was also part of a $44 million dollar global settlement for victims of a private jet that crashed. The knowledge, experience and results serving as airplane crash attorneys demonstrate that Bailey & Partners is one of the best in the area of aviation disasters. Few plane crash attorneys and firms can match our expertise and results.

We handle cases arising from airplane crashes involving commercial planes, charter planes, private jets, business jets, small private planes, sky diving planes and even acrobatic planes that are often used at air shows or for private rides. After a plane crash occurs, you have a limited amount of time to act; the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can put together a strategy that applies to the circumstances of your case.

Bailey & Partners Reputation as the Experts in Airplane Accident Lawsuits

Bailey & Partners has experienced airplane accident attorneys and investigators, and they have spent decades building a reputation as one of the top aviation law firms not only in the Los Angeles area, but in the entire nation. As well-known aviation accident attorneys, Bailey & Partners has successfully handled high-dollar aviation cases and has extensive experience in airplane accidents or incidents related to personal injury from aircraft crashes. Bailey & Partners has been contacted by many other attorneys across the United States and asked to serve as co-counsel or to take on their client’s airplane crash case, because the firm’s knowledge is highly regarded in the field of aviation accidents. Bailey & Partners gets results for its airplane crash clients.

When you contact us, you’ll be enlisting the help of knowledgeable and trusted Los Angeles airplane accident attorneys who have:

  • Firsthand experience with aircraft maintenance and performance
  • Comprehensive knowledge of FAA rules and regulations
  • Expert understanding of aircraft science
  • Extensive piloting experience
  • Access to medical experts who can help you recover and obtain justice

As the Bailey & Partners aviation accident attorneys conduct an investigation, compile evidence, interview witnesses, and assemble legal arguments for your best interests, the firm will always be committed to your medical recovery as well as your financial compensation. Bailey & Partners will refer you to expert medical professionals to help in your recovery and long-term health care. The firm has an extensive database of professionals it has worked with over the years as plane crash lawyers. The firm has also worked with other non-airplane crash attorneys throughout the United States.

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