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Aviation Lawyer – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Aviation Lawyers, we have the answers! Be sure to read this information before choosing an Aviation Lawyer!

What is an “Aviation Lawyer”?

An Aviation Lawyer is a lawyer who has significant experience in the world of aviation and ideally should also include, being a pilot.

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When do you need an Aviation Lawyer?

If your injury was caused by – or related to – an Aviation Activity, you should have an Aviation Lawyer representing you because he or she will be familiar with – and understand –  the specific aviation facts and circumstances of your  aviation accident.
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Why do you need an Aviation Lawyer?

Because aviation crashes often include death or significant injuries, your lawyer should be very experienced in all of the following aviation elements:  Piloting – Weather – Aircraft Maintenance and Air Traffic Control.  In addition to those areas, your aviation attorney should also have experience in dealing with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) that pertain to your specific accident, e.g. was it a flight for pleasure under FAR Part 91 or was it a Chartered Flight pursuant to FAR 135 or was it an Airline Flight conducted under FAR 121?  All of that can make a difference in your outcome!
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What are some questions you should ask when looking for an Aviation Lawyer?

Here are just a few important questions to ask when looking for an aviation lawyer:
Are you a pilot? If so, be sure to get details. Private Pilot?  Commercial Pilot?  Instrument  Rated?  Airline Transport Pilot?  Certificated Flight Instructor?
Total Flight Time in all aircraft? Total Flight in the subject aircraft?
– What kind of Aviation Cases have you handled in the past?  (Important!)  Get Specifics!

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