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Patrick Bailey – Personal Injury Lawyer – Los Angeles

Patrick Bailey: Aviation & Personal Injury Attorney
Patrick Bailey: Aviation & Personal Injury Attorney
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For more than 30 years, Bailey & Partners has earned a reputation of success in the most challenging and highest stakes personal injury and aviation litigation cases.

As an avid pilot, Certificated Flight Instructor, commercial pilot, former member of the United States Air Force, and Aviation Law Instructor at a California State University, Mr. Bailey combines extensive legal expertise with comprehensive knowledge of FAA rules and regulations as well as understanding the science of aviation.

With wide experience in wrongful death and personal injury law, Mr. Bailey has the skill and experience to handle complex legal challenges. His experience in the high-dollar, high-stakes, and high-complexity arena of aviation law has served his clients well with cases throughout the United States and around the globe. Mr. Bailey has also served as General Counsel and as a Board Member for the Santa Monica, CA Museum of Flying for over 25 years.

Mr. Bailey’s experience also includes cases with complex brain injuries, including carbon monoxide poisoning, and other product liability injuries.

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Over the last 30 years, Mr. Bailey has cultivated a reputation as an outstanding professional with attention to detail and an unshakable commitment to winning.  His extensive experience is proven by his clients’ successes throughout the nation and around the globe.

Mr. Bailey has multiple Federal Bar Admissions, including:

  • U.S. District Court Northern District of California
  • U.S. District Court Southern District of California
  • U.S. District Court Central District of California
  • U.S. District Court Eastern District of California
  • U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas
  • U.S. Court of Appeals 9th Circuit
  • U.S. Supreme Court


Mr. Bailey has numerous memberships in organizations. Examples include:

Mr. Bailey has received multiple awards, including the “TOP 10 Best Attorney Client Satisfaction Award”, “Top 25 Products Liability Trial Lawyers” and “Top 10 for Aviation Trial Lawyers “awarded by The National Trial Lawyers Association, and has been named a Super Lawyer each year since 2005.

You can reach Patrick Bailey at Bailey & Partners at (310) 392-5000 or fill out our contact form. 

Fun Fact:

In July 2016, Mr. Bailey was inducted into the Space Camp Hall of Fame in Huntsville, AL for his contribution in writing and producing the movie “Space Camp”. He has also been awarded the TOP 10 Best Attorney, Client Satisfaction Award since 2015 and has received consecutive awards from The National Trial Lawyers Association where he has been named Top 25 Products Liability Trial Lawyers and Top 10 for Aviation Trial Lawyers.

Patrick has also recently been quoted in AOPA magazine.

Patrick Bailey – Early Years

Patrick’s path to personal injury lawyer had some interesting experiences that help make him uniquely successful in his industry. Here are a few things that may surprise you about Patrick Bailey’s early life.

Patrick Bailey – Military Career

  • Patrick joined the United States Air Force where he spent time with Armed Forces Radio & Television. While in the Air Force, he won awards for being an announcer on Korea’s AFKN Far East Network where he interviewed motion picture and television personalities.
  • Patrick served as Director of Public Relations and Chief Announcer at Far East Network, Tokyo, Japan.
  • In 1969, Patrick Bailey starred on the radio show “Fundial” in Tokyo, Japan which became the No. 1 Rock and Roll radio show in Japan.
  • During his military career, he was selected as Airman of the Month and also Airman of the Wing.
  • While stationed in Korea, he worked for and received a black belt in Taekwaondo Karate and while training under the famous Sensai, Kim Huck Nae. After Korea, Bailey taught karate in many dojos in the United States.

Patrick Bailey – Entertainment Career

  • Patrick was introduced to Noel Blanc, the son of Mel Blanc who is known for the voices of many cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig. Patrick and Noel began a life-long friendship. The two men worked together as business partners in Blanc Communications where they made news in the Hollywood Reporter and The Daily Variety Magazine for their successful marketing campaigns for such names as Maxwell House, Budweiser, Coca Cola and the American Cancer Society.
  • Patrick was known as the 2nd son of Mel Blanc. He was interviewed and quoted in the Book/ and Production: Mel Blanc: the Man of a Thousand Voices
  • In 1982, Patrick directed and produced a television segment titled “Ounce of Prevention”. Ounce of Prevention was selected for its excellence to represent the United States in International motion picture events abroad by the Council on International Nontheatrical Events (CINE). Ounce of Prevention ran in hundreds of theaters across the US and won numerous awards from The Cine Golden Eagle, The International Film & Television Festival of New York, The Religion in Media at the Sixth Annual Angel Awards plus the Houston International Film Festival. He received an Award for Outstanding Creativity from the US Television Commercials Festival for this production on Burn Prevention with Bugs Bunny & Friends Campaign in the Public Service Announcements Category which was Sponsored by Shriners Hospitals. Ounce of Prevention was also selected in 1983 by the Educational Film Library Association for Screening at the American Film Festival New York City.  
  • By the 80’s Patrick had directed and produced over 120 commercials, directing legends such as Walter Matthau, Vincent price, James Whitmore, Sally Struthers and Mel Blanc.

Patrick Bailey – Feature Films

  • In 1983, Patrick directed the feature motion picture “Door to Door” starring Ron Liebman, Jane Kaczmarek and Arliss Howard.
  • In 1984, Patrick wrote the story and produced the motion picture “Space Camp” after seeing a television show about Space Camp and convincing Space Camp leaders in Huntsville, AL to give the rights to tell the story. Patrick has credits for writing and producing the story. He also did the stunt piloting for the film where he flew the open-cockpit Stearman in the opening scene where Leah Thompson shows up to attend Space Camp School and gets blasted into outer space.
Patrick Bailey and others involved in Space Camp movie being inducted into Space Camp Hall of Fame.
  • Patrick formed Stick and Rudder Productions to continue his producing and directing success and in 1985, he was a finalist at the 28th Annual International Film & TV Festival of NY as a director and producer for outstanding creative achievement in an audio visual medium, and received the award for Director and Producer  of “Embarrassed Owners/Same Car Brian/Bring your Bag.” They had received 5,313 applications from 44 countries.

Patrick Bailey – Other Achievements/Interesting Facts

  • While working in entertainment, Patrick obtained his pilot’s license and became a Certified Flight Instructor.
  • After passing the California Bar and being admitted into the practice of law, he served as attorney for Mel Blanc, Noel Blanc (Blanc Communications), Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong and Marvin Davis.
  • Patrick donated the Stearman flown in Space Camp to the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Patrick co-founded Safestore, Inc. which made International news as it stored Ted Kazinsky’s cabin in the woods.
  • He also created Beverly Hills Monopoly – A Game of Wealth and Status, U.S. Patent 4,196,904.