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Tragic Tour Bus Crash near Palm Springs, CA – Be Proactive On Safety Checks

There was a deadly bus crash accident over the weekend that killed 13 and injured 31 in the Palm Springs area. Minutes ago, 10 of the victims’ names were released. The tour bus carrying passengers from Los Angeles, CA to the Red Earth Casino near Salton City, CA is reported as being owned by a Los Angeles Company, USA Holiday.
As expected, the National Transportation Board (“NTSB”) will be joining the investigation to try and determine what caused the horrific crash. As you know, buses are a popular form of transportation, because they are economical, they provide flexible options for travel, they can be great fun with a group, they cut down on carbon monoxide emissions, and many times you are able to accumulate reward points. However, as with most things, safety needs to always be a concern. According to FMCSA.DOT.GOV in 2014, 3,978 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes.
What can you do to try and minimize the chance of an accident happening to you and your loved ones? Before you book a trip, some things to consider are the safety records of the company operating the bus. You want to make sure the company is properly licensed, that they carry adequate insurance, what is their safety record, do they perform proper maintainence on their buses, have the drivers been screened properly, do they have a good driving record, and very important, does the bus have seat belts.
Our team at Bailey & Partners would like you to know that our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by this crash. If you know someone who has been involved in this terrible crash, it is essential they reach out to a skilled, experienced personal injury attorney as dealing with insurance companies is difficult and very time consuming. At Bailey & Partners, we have over 30+ years dealing with accidents from car accidents to aviation disasters. Our firm is here to help you navigate through these difficult times, and you will not have to pay any costs until we have secured an award for you. Please call us at (310) 392-5000 for a free case evaluation. We would be honored to help.

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