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Why Do Airplanes Crash?

Person standing on wrecked plane

Why do airplanes crash? The answer is . . for many reasons. Listed below are some of the most common reasons for an airplane crash.
1. Poor Maintenance
2. Pilot Error
3. Product Design
As for maintenance, nearly all airplanes require an annual inspection in addition to periodic inspections. These inspections must be accomplished and signed off as airworthy by a qualified and certificated mechanic. If the aircraft inspection was not performed properly, the ìaircraftî may not be airworthy to fly. And the term “aircraft” means the airplane, engine, propeller and all related parts. Obviously an unairworthy airplane is not in a safe condition to fly.
As for “pilot error,” that term encompasses a very broad range of potential errors. For example, did the pilot perform a proper pre-flight inspection of the aircraft to confirm that it was airworthy? Did the pilot visually check the fuel to determine the quantity and quality of the fuel? Did the pilot perform a proper weather analysis to confirm that the aircraft was certificated to fly in the existing and forecast weather conditions? Did the pilot perform a proper weight and balance of aircraft, taking into account fuel, passengers and baggage? If not, the aircraft may not be safe to operate due to an “over-weight” or “out-of-balance” condition.
Some types of aircraft are also known to have “design limitations” that may compromise safe aircraft performance for the intended flight due to weight and balance or weather specific issues. Did the pilot confirm that the subject aircraft was safe for the intended flight based on any known aircraft design limitations?
If so, you’re good to go. If not, you’re not.

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