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On My Bicycle – How Dangerous Now?

Bike crash with person laying on street

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) —  Car vs Bicycle injuries now account for 30% of the bicycle deaths or serious injuries!  

How did the numbers get that high?  Two reasons:  (1) More Bicycles are on the road.   (2) Distracted Driving.   

Yes, your chances of getting killed or seriously injured has sky rocketed by distracted drivers who are too busy reading texts or emails to pay attention to the road.  And here’s what’s important for you to know:  Distracted driving crashes are on the increase!  They will later testify, “I never even saw the bicycle.  It came out of nowhere.”  

Here are some proven tips to help keep you alive:

(1)  Protective head gear is a must.  

(2)  Assume that the driver near you or coming toward you is not paying attention.

(3)  If you’re about to pass a parked car, assume the driver’s door will suddenly open. 

(4)  If the street has a pothole, assume the car is going to try to drive around it   —  and into you.

(5)  Parking Lot ahead on the right?  Count on a dart out.  It happens —  a lot.  

(6)  Ride as if your life depended on it.  Because it does.

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