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Fatal Bicycle Accidents are on the Rise

Bicycle in street in rain

 “Do ya – do ya – do ya – do ya wanna dance?” asked the car of the bicycle.  And unfortunately, the car doesn’t hear, “No!”   In fact, statistics show that fatal bicycle accidents are now up 12%!  

Based on recent surveys why are fatal bicycle accidents increasing?  For a number of reasons.  Currently, the most common causes of fatal bicycle accidents are: 

  • Drivers are paying more attention to their cell phones than avoiding bicyclists.
  • New bicyclists are less familiar with safe riding practices.
  • More bicyclists are wearing earphones that dampen the sounds of approaching trucks and cars.  
  • Cities are slow to implement bike lanes.
  • Fewer bicyclists are wearing impact worthy head gear or proper night reflective gear. 

Now add to all of the above, the following:  When’s the last time you saw more road space between cars and bikes?  “Not Recently” is the answer.  Our roads are getting more and more crowded.  More cars +  More bikes +  More construction = less separation.

The narrower spaces between cars and bikes has become a new leading cause of fatal bicycle accidents.  Now, throw in cell phones, earphones and non-existent bike lanes and you’ve got a really deadly combination.

Here are the keys to staying alive: 

  • Keep your separation from cars and car lanes, even if you have to slow down. 
  • Wear protective and reflective gear. 
  • Say “No” to dancing with cars.

If you or a loved one has been have been hurt in a bicycle accident, contact Bailey & Partners for a free consultation. Our bicycle accident attorneys stand ready to support you. Call us today: (310) 392-5000.

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