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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – A Year Round Killer

Car exhaust representing carbon monoxide poisoning

Many people think carbon monoxide poisoning occurs primarily in the winter months. While there may be more cases reported in the colder months, carbon monoxide poisoning occurs year round in the United States, because carbon monoxide is emitted from so many different sources such as car and boat engines, hot water heaters, broilers and indoor pool heating systems.

Hotel room where possible carbon monoxide poisoning could take place

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Hotels

What many people also don’t realize is that there have been several incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning at hotels, and that the Federal Government does not track this type of incident. What does this mean? This means that data of the carbon monoxide incidents and death is harder to compile. This makes it harder to get safety laws enacted to protect people.

Young woman suffering from headache while lying on bed

Dr. Lindell Weaver, who Bailey & Partners has used extensively as an expert in carbon monoxide cases, is well respected and instrumental in this field. His research along with other respected individuals report that from 2005-2018, 905 hotel guests were poisoned resulting in 22 deaths, 27% of them children.

Hotel Lobby

How can this happen? The general public would likely be surprised to know that many hotels are not even required to have carbon monoxide detectors while they are required to have smoke detectors in all rooms. In fact, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, only 14 states require hotels and motels to have co detectors installed, and many of those only require it in newly constructed hotels. It is even more unbelievable, that only 5 states require carbon monoxide detectors in school buildings.

Dr. Lindell Weaver describes the symptoms of CO poisoning

An Expert Carbon Monoxide Lawyer is Important

The attorneys at Bailey & Partners know this is a problem that occurs more often than people think. Our firm has been involved and helped several people from coast to coast who have been victims of carbon monoxide poisonings in their homes, apartments, Airbnbs, and even in their cars.

Hotel room or apartment

Our attorneys know what questions to ask, what data to look at, and how to apply the law in these specialized cases, because many times the injury is catastrophic to the brain, but it is not something you can visually see like a bruise or cut.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

  • Ask your motel or hotel if they have working carbon monoxide detectors in their rooms, locate and test them
  • Carry a portable carbon monoxide detector with you as a safety net, and set it up next to your sleeping area
  • Be aware of the symptoms that are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning and act fast. Symptoms can include headaches, confusion, and vomiting.
  • Educate yourself – Read about how you can be poisoned.  The Jenkins Foundation, a non profit, seeks to educated the public about the deadly repercussions of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Carbon Monoxide Gas

If you or someone you know is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoningcontact Bailey & Partners for a free consultation. Our carbon monoxide poisoning attorneys stand ready to support you.

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