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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Koreatown, CA Apartment Complex Causes Death, Personal Injuries and Displacement of Many

Recently in Koreatown, CA, many people in an apartment complex became sick.  Three people were allegedly killed and many more were evacuated as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. This story made headlines, because of the severe injuries sustained by those unknowingly going about their daily lives while being silently sickened. It has been reported that the building has been red-tagged and that a posted notice states the boiler and gas appliances need fixing.

What is carbon monoxide gas? It is a colorless, odorless gas, which makes it extremely dangerous. Without proper alarm systems in place, a person or persons can become a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning without even knowing it. Since the toxin is hard to detect, non-fatal exposure to the gas can slowly work its way into the victim’s body and cause catastrophic injury.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys Patrick Bailey and Keith Lovendosky, of Bailey & Partners, have been focusing on CO-related litigation for the last several decades and have represented numerous clients who have suffered personal injuries as a result of CO Exposure. “Victims can breathe it in just like air. It has no color, no smell, no taste. While extremely large amounts of the gas can be fatal in a fairly short period of time, the gas can be very dangerous in small amounts. A furnace enclosed space may have a small leak and victims can breathe in the toxin for months or years without realizing it.”

Even a small amount of the gas can be dangerous. CO Poisoning can have symptoms that are often mistaken for a cold or flu: nausea, shortness of breath, headache, extreme fatigue, aches and pains. Unfortunately, unlike the typical cold or seasonal flu, the impact from CO Poisoning can be long term.

Bailey says that “apartment buildings, college dorms, hotels, schools, single family homes, even cars . . . virtually any enclosed space is vulnerable. Every one of the them should have a carbon monoxide detector installed just like a fire alarm. The dangers are serious even if less obviously dramatic when compared to a fire. But we are surrounded by CO. We must respect that and be aware of the dangers and how we can protect ourselves. If a negligent landlord or other responsible party fails in their duty to protect the public, Bailey & Partners can fight for compensation on behalf of victims, but,” Bailey concludes, “preventing these tragedies in the first place should be everyone’s goal.”

Patrick Bailey and Keith Lovendosky suggest purchasing and using a portable carbon monoxide detector. These devices are small, portable and relatively inexpensive. These devices can be left in your room or carried with you to motels, vacation homes, rvs, campers and other locations. They could just save your life. Bailey & Partners, has experience in these types of personal injury cases. The firm would like to help represent and obtain justice for those victims and their families who have suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.



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